Talk on 1641 Rising by Máire Nic Cathmhaoil

The 1641 Rising or Rebellion is one of the key events in Irish history.  It had started as an action by members of dispossessed Irish Clan families to recover what they seen as their ancestral rights and inheritance and a chance to practice their religion free from persecution.  However before long it became embroiled in an even greater conflict that became the English Civil War.  The political and religious twists and turns at the time created a situation of such complexity that the events of 1641 have become lost between two conflicting sides who have each sought to report things in a manner that has suited their particular cause.  However as with most things the recording of history is often left to the victors and much of what we know of the events of the 1640s is from sources recorded by the Crown or State.  In this presentation Maire looks at these Crown sources but also reveals an alternate source in the journal of Friar Mellan.  With an opportunity for differing viewpoints and further study ours and future generations may come to understand the events of the 1640s with greater understanding.



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