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Some people in the summer time enjoy a country walk


Some people in the summer time enjoy a country walk
But it’s not of country pleasures that I’m going to talk
But of things I heard and folks I saw when I did pay a call
To a concert that was held beyont in Aughintober Hall


Now I hope you’ll take no notice as this rhyme does onward run
Of anything that I may say, I’m only here for fun
If your name I chance to mention don’t please any notice take
For of lots and lots of people, now I will a mention make


The Rev Kerr, he kindly came, to occupy the chair
We one and all felt very pleased to see him present there
That he is an ideal chairman, it is plain for all to see
And if you were at that concert grand, you’ll say the same as me


Tom Steen, he has a garage along the King’s Highway
You will surely pay a visit if you chance around some day
Upon the Rural Council he does occupy a seat
No more sterling representative could rate payers hope to meet


George Cuddy, that’s the draper over in Dungannon Town
You will surely pay a visit if you ever call around
He will fit you out, the people say, in the very latest style
And his value it can’t be beat, should you travel many a mile


Then a word about Fred Burrows, you all know this genial spark
He lives beyont at Cabragh and rises with the lark
He’s the man who keeps the tractor, he is known to one and all
And is always very helpful with repairs around the hall


Then we have Albert Kelly, he’s on Tom Cuddy’s staff
He is a genial sort of chap and enjoys a hearty laugh
It’s said he lately purchased a brand new motorbike
And to give nice girls a pillion ride, is a thing that he does like


You know our friend Tom Cuddy, who lives out the Gorey way
He knows of all the latest skits to help the hens to lay
He is a great believer in the artificial light
Which keeps the hens a working hard, both by the day and night


You will meet our good friend William Black as around these ways you go
There is nothing about pigs or sows that William doesn’t know
Though funny things will happen when you’re visiting the boar
But down the ages wisest men have made mistakes before

There’s no one here, I’m sure, but knows our genial friend George Hall
With his tractor he will often help his neighbours one and all
Upon his motor cycle he will often travel round
And it’s has been said that he’s been known to ride to Portadown


Fred Martin came from Newbliss to feed Tom Cuddy’s pigs
He drives around on the tractor and with it dances jigs
He placed it in the group one day, well nigh upon its back
And it might have stayed there all night, were it not for William Black


There’s an Agricultural College, the busy bodies say
They’ll tell you it can be found around the Loughry way
Freddie Hadden of Killymaddy sometimes goes to get advice
About the new deep litter system which of course is very nice


You will all know Willie Doran, who lives out the Gorey way
He has a noisy Iron Horse you will hear the neighbours say
Then a word about Bob Cuddy, who lives at Killymoyle
He pipes around Quinn’s Corner in really first class style


Now Samuel Watt, he’s a man that’s known to one and all
He always found upon the spot to open up the hall
Through deep and dark plantations he does take a lonely way
Least that is what the tatters around Aughintober say


You will oft see Leslie Jameson in his car a flying past
The tatters say he often goes to the city of Belfast
Folks say there is a charming blonde he goes to see down there
But it’s no concern of yours or mine, it is his own affair


We had across the border there a very jolly troupe
And we were very glad indeed to see this genial group
The sketches that they gave us, they delighted one and all
And we were glad to have them here in Aughintober hall


The members of this troupe sang songs, and some did stories tell
And of course we did enjoy ourselves in a manner simply swell
The frost and snow did hold them up and they were rather late
But they soon did set things going and we all felt up to date


We can’t pass by Bob Cuddy, you all know this genial boy
He sometimes takes a quiet trip beyont to Aughnacloy
He got stuck in the flood one night and did not do so fine
And did not get back to Gorey till the clock was striking nine

Stanley Hazelton, the mechanic you will meet when strolling round
You’ll find him in Hobson’s Garage in old Dungannon town
He will often bus to Cookstown, which you know is several miles
He goes to see a charming maid, whose face is wreathed in smiles


On behalf of this little troupe, which came from Druminane
This is Bob Quinn returning thanks to each lady and gentleman
Who came here to enjoy themselves in Aughintober Hall
Good night, good luck and all the best to you folk, great and small


Composed by Bob Quinn on one of his visits in 1952 or early 1953


Rev CWD Kerr was installed Minister of Clonaneese 28th November 1951

Bob Cuddy, Gorey, was married in August 1952

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