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'Two Ballynahaye Farmers' by Robert Barclay (Smiley Bob), Legaroe

Two Ballynahaye Famers


There is two decent farmers

In Ballynahaye doth dwell

Willie Gilmour and Andy Kerr,

I'm sure you know them well.

It was this very season

This couple left it aff,

That they would plough this spring together

And make the neighbours laugh.


Says Willie unto Andy

I think we'll start in time

I'll expect you every morning

Just one minute after nine.

For to get the work done early

I've always found it best

To plough it deep and plough it rough

And the frost wiII do the rest.


Says Andy unto Willie

I think there is no need

To get in such a hurry.

We'll give the horses time to feed

An extra hour in the morning.

They will do better then

I think that we'll be time enough

If we' re in the field at ten.


Says Willie unto Andy

We'd never get done in time

But I'll divide that hour with you

And make it half past nine.

They both agreed to this

And the bargain then was made.

But James Lockhart declared

He could dig it with the spade


The morning that they started

It was two hours before daylight.

They hooked the chains with trembling hands

And their faces very white.

The horses they were very rough

And tried to run away.

And the shouting waked the Kelly's

In the cabin on the bray.


Peter, he got up, it did not take him very long

He still could hear the shouting

But he did not know what was wrong.

He called to Pat and Owney,

But he didn’t speak to fast

McGaughin is very tough

But he's away at last.


Young Owen McCann was only home

And just got into bed

When a noise came down the chimney

That would 'waken up the dead.

They all got up to run

But they hadn’t run too far,

When they began to think

It was only Willie Gilmour and Andy Kerr.


Andy Young, he heard

One great unearthly yell

He called unto his mother

There's someone killing Bell

Ah no! his mother says

It's out across the bogs

It's only Tommy Lockhart

And he's chasing men and dogs


They heard the shouts on eightenfore

And it filled their hearts with fear

Says Mick O’Neill, I think we’ll leave

The Russians must be here.

Don’t get alarmed says Hamill

Just keep off the road,

It's only the burnhouse lorry

And it's picking up it's load.


Fred Lewis was out on the hill

And he heard an awful roar and shout.

He called unto the Mrs

Come on! . Come quickly out!

It was there they stood and listened

Their faces filled with gloom

I doubt says Fred we're finished

Armygidden war's begun.


But the horses they are settled down

And. ploughing rightly now.

Willie drives, Andy leads

And Albert steers the plough.

It's Albert's style of ploughing

To cut it two by four

And Gillespie's ass could pull it

And have plenty time to roar.



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