Irish Deed Memorials - Place Name Indexes - Tyrone 1709-1929


The Registry of Deeds is located in Henrietta Street, Dublin, Ireland and is a repository of records of wills, marriage settlements, land transactions in Ireland and other deeds from 1709. While the original purpose of the Registry of Deeds during Penal times was to enforce rules limiting the land transactions of Catholics, even before the removal of these rules in 1782 many Catholics and representatives of Catholic families appear in the memorials. Many memorials involved people of modest means who were merchants and traders who registered deeds to provide some form of security of tenure. Moreover, Catholic occupiers are sometimes mentioned.  The Registry of Deeds is a rich source of genealogical information. Marriage and other settlements are particularly informative about family relationships.


A wonderful voluntary project, the 'Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland' was setup to create a database of summarised transcriptions of these memorials and has been ongoing since 2007.  The index can be searched by name, residence and of course Memorial No.


The registers where photographed and microfilmed by by the Genealogical Society of Utah in 1951 and they are hosted in a digital form viewable in your browser on Familysearch.


** To access the information you will require a user account with Familysearch **


The Deed Memorials are indexed by Placename and County and below you will find links to those volumes in the Familysearch online archives for County Tyrone.  They are contained in 24 volumes from 1708-1929.



1708-1738  1739-1820  1821-1828   1828-1832
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1850-1854  1855-1859  1860-1861 1862-1864 
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1885-1889  1890-1894  1895-1899  1900-1904
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In the indexes you will find the entries recorded by e.g. townland, parish or barony then names of the parties to the deed etc.,  Book/Vol No., Page No. and finally Memorial No.



When you have these details then go to the Familysearch site and look up the appropriate Book / Vol No. and click on the link.  From there look for the appropriate page and Memorial No.