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'The McFarlane Story' - by Jonathan Gray & Jen Shaffer

'The McFarlane Story' - by Jonathan Gray & Jen Shaffer
Tue, 24. November 2020, 20:00 h - 22:00 h
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Jonathan Gray


In the mid 1700s a group of brothers left Ireland for America.  Probably descendants of Scottish emigrants who settled in Donegal and north west Tyrone in the Ulster Plantation of the early 1600s the brothers were part of an exodus of Scots Irish to the American colonies in the early to mid 1700s.  They left their home in Eskragh, Killeeshil, Co Tyrone leaving behind their parents and other siblings for a new life with new opportunities.


The talk will look at the probable origins of the McFarlanes and examine some of their experiences in America.  It will also look at how old alliances forged in Donegal and Tyrone remained strong in America.


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ZOOM Presentation
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